Mangala God of War & Empire


A new world

Mangala awoke.

"Aiyaaayiyaaaa," he said, in a more analytical mood than usual."I have slept for six years. And now, the Sleeper Awakes, tossing capital letters hither and thither as though the century were decreased by twain or thrice.

"I awake. And the World is born anew. No more suffering in Mesopotamia, which lives in peace, thanks to Mooncalf Bush. Perhaps it has become a state of the Great Imperial House of Amerique.

"I awake. And the Afghans are at peace. The Taliban and the Northern Alliance lie down on the grassy slopes as doth the lion and the lamb, teaching the World to sing in Perfect Harmony.

"I awake. The World is happy and prosperous in its Busyness. Quick! I must arise, and see the miracles that Time hath wrought."

So spake Mangala, God of War and Empire, upon the Day on which He Awoke.

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