Mangala God of War & Empire



Mangala sensed rather than saw a presence behind him.Wheeling around, he saw the glint of a axe, and holding it his fellow immortal Conan, newly arrived from Valhalla.

"Conan," said Mangala heartedly, if a bit nervously in the presence of the heavy weapon. "Behold this post-modern invention: humane war. They are liberating, these Americans, eliminating evil and building nations, all with great precision and kindness, as though they were gods. Such improvements over your day!"

Mangala paused thoughtfully. "Look around and tell me, Conan, what doest thou consider best about war?"

Conan rapped out an answer as though he had been asked the question many times. "Crush enemies," he said scornfully. "See them driven before you. Hear the lamentation of the women."

Mangala gaped at the legendary hero. "Conan, thou surely art a barbarian," Mangala said, and turned back to the face of humane war.

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