Mangala God of War & Empire


Dark thoughts

Mangala strode the dark streets of Washington, D.C., the mockery of the squeaky-voiced defense chief ringing in his ears. "Henny Penny," the god of war and empire muttered. "The sky is falling. Henny Penny!"

He paused at 16th and J Street, an intersection accessible only to gods and wizards, calmed his thoughts, and spoke:

There is an arrogance to power. This comes as a surprise to none. But the nature of that arrogance is often less apparent. It is this: Power uses pessimistic means to achieve outcomes, and and insists that all within its ambit meet power with optimism. This is a form of unilateral disarmament. Power says, "I shall be effective because I anticipate the worst. You must bow, as an ineffective, because I command you to cheer my outcome with optimism and to put on a happy face. From these twin characteristics of power does much evil flow.

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