Mangala God of War & Empire


Party Time

Mangala lay stretched out on a sofa as Secretary of State Colin Powell completed yet another call to Guinea.

"Friend Colin," Mangala said as his friend hung up. "The Army is ready. The Air Force is ready. Your people is ready. The beer and wine and tanks have been delivered. The snacks and bombs are laid out and ready. The neighbors, if not happy, won't call the cops if things get noisy. But the snooty folks from the other side of town are theatening to stay home." Powell from his chair gave a hard stare.

"Friend," Mangala said. "What if you give a party and nobody comes?" Powell sat in silence. "No matter, friend Colin, the answer is plain." Mangala rose with a grin. ": Party on!" he said and strolled out the door, pleased with the comfort he had given his friend.

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